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PROGRESSIVE ONJIKO ASSOCIATION (POA) was started in 2017, when a group of former students of Onjiko High School saw the need to use their camaraderie and rapport to form an alumni group that would help address many of the present-day challenges that can only be surmounted through unity of purpose.
It all begun as some not so regular lunches and meetings over few drinks, and slowly morphed into a group to reckon with through the structures that were established, more so through a constitution that was written through very wide consultation and stakeholders’ involvement.
Through the years, POA has stood the test of time. Many alumni groupings do not live to fully realize their potential due to lack of razor-sharp focus, especially on their vision and mission, which sit at the very center of their reasons for existence. The teams that have been mandated to run the association over time, have formulated and documented policies that are foundational. The key pillars or areas of focus have been the welfare of the members and how they can turn their lives around through various investment ventures. For that reason, the welfare department has really tried, though still there’s so much room for improvement, to look into the issues of family and group health insurance, and the last expense. 

Over the years, we have come together to lighten the burdens of one another in times of grief, in ways only possible and achievable through togetherness. Grief has visited almost every member of the association, and each could attest to the need for unity and whatever POA has been able to do for them in such times. We have also set up an inhouse compensation scheme in such circumstances where all one needs is to fill the last expense form available online, and they would have their cheques ready in days. In matters investment, despite the challenges and dwindling economic fortunes, we have tried our hands in various sectors including agriculture, money markets, insurance and many more. Though we are yet to enjoy the fruits, there is so much hope as we are on truck, in alignment with our strategic plan of 2018-2022, which is subject to review.
We have in all these also not forgotten our alma mater, which is our reference point. Over the years, we have ensured to work closely with the school’s administration in order to try shape the future of the current crop of students. This has borne much fruit as reflected in students’ behavior, discipline and academic excellence through our mentorship programs. We have instigated reward schemes for both the teachers and the students, and have always organized weekend challenges, where we create time to spend with the students, and get to give them a feel of life after school.
We currently boast a membership of 120 people, and look forward to being a large and very highly organized alumni group, where we benefit from our numbers, diverse professional backgrounds and friendship lives to transform our lives and that of our generations to the fullest. Our membership is open to former students of Onjiko High School, or as stipulated in our constitution which is also available online.


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